Tubetube community water dam

Changemaker: Kim Allen

Country of Implementation: Papua New Guinea

Limited to zero access to clean water on Tubetube island in Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea has always

affected over 500 people. The impact of sea level rise causes saltwater intrusion into dug out water

wells along the coast resulting in skin infections and stomach aches.

There is a potential to source spring water up in the mountain however challenging given the distance

and the limited resources to build a proper water supply. To address the challenge of clean water and

sanitation, the Global Changemakers is assisting the Tubetube community with over 500 people to build

a water dam and connect water pipes from the water dam down to the village through the ‘Tubetube

Community Water Dam’ project led by Kim Allen. With funding support from the Global Changemakers

through its community grants program, the Tubetube community were able to purchase materials

including water pipes and cement to build the water dam upstream and supply the water using gravity

flow down to the village for the people to have access to clean drinking water.