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Tu Casa No Es Su Casa

Changemaker: Alonso Lizaraz

Tu casa no es su casa – Your home it’s not his home’ is a wide media campaign that seeks to raise awareness on not having wildlife under captivity. Venezuela, as a hotspot of biodiversity, is very attractive to wildlife collectors, hunters, and anyone interested on keeping animals out of their natural habitat, endangering the conservation of at least 300 different species in our country, where illegal commerce is one of the biggest issues. And yet we know that many other countries face this same problem. This campaign, conceived for the web 2.0 and traditional media, is based on modern, dynamic and useful propaganda to be spread through twitter, facebook, websites, radio and newspapers, reaching millions of people with a basic message -Your home is not his home- and a basic objective -to inform people through a very pedagogic way, highlighting the value of the fauna and flora of Venezuela.


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