Changemaker: Willian Mallman

Country of Implementation: Brazil

According to Grupo Gay da Bahia, the largest LGBT rights organization in Brazil, a homosexual is murdered every 26 hours in the country. In addition to that, data captured in the first report of the National Human Rights Secretariat on human rights violation, in 2012, there were 27 reports of violation against LGBT+ human rights per day, making 13 victims of homophobia a day. The number of Brazilians that struggle with homophobic discrimination is, however, exponentially larger than the current data suggests. The lack of knowledge on denouncing mechanisms and the cultural influence of heteronormativity on the Brazilian society generate sub-notifications of cases of discrimination, making it difficult for the development of a significant database that allows for the estimation of the real volume of cases of homophobic discrimination. This is where the need for TODXS Ambassadors, a project within the TODXS organization, to be born. This is Brazil’s 1 st initiative committed to identifying, connecting, inspiring and equipping young LGBT+ leaders, social entrepreneurs, students and advocates, aged 18-24 years old in Brazil.

The program is a 1-year journey of personal and social transformation divided into four main pillars: 1) Discovery; 2) Research and Development; 3) Brazil LGBT+ Youth Summit 2017; and 4) IN-PACTO.

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