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The Yin Project

Changemaker: Julia Agudogo

The Yin project is a empowerment NGO that brings out power every human being has to make a meaningful difference in their own lives and the lives of others. It is based in Accra, Ghana.The Yin Project’s vision is to empower Ghanaians through creative, environmentally friendly and sustainable means for a healthier and happier world.We sell recycled glass jewelry made by volunteers to fund the education of children involved in ‘galamsey’ operations (illegal gold mining) in Bolgatanga.Thus preventing them from being involved in the illegal mining activities that puts them at risk of fatal accidents and major health risks such as respiratory infections and give them the opportunity to grow into healthy and productive members of society. The Yin Project has already funded the apprenticeship of Yin at a welder’s shop and the project has also organized volunteers to teach Yin basic mathematics and English skills.Yin is a fourteen year old former illegal miner. His parents died of AIDS.He run to the mines because his extended family could not feed him. He grinned the gold ores from the mines but occasionally he was sent to work in the mine itself; when it needed expansion. He put his life at risk everyday yet he barely made enough to feed himself.The project will hopefully begin funding another child miner in a few months. The Project has 22 volunteers including recent high school and college graduates, professionals and some orphans for Beacon House orphanage.The project teaches volunteers valuable jewelry making skills and most importantly enlightens them of the power they have to make a meaningful difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

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