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The Social News Portal

Changemaker: Ricky Sheshie

In this CAP, social networks, such as, are used in order to create news portals. Media span the internet but miss the big picture of what the information consumer needs: to be able to source, manipulate and re-source information in one place. The social news portal will make it possible to communicate with your friends within a social network and find the latest news of the world in the very same place._

In the news portal, you will find headlines, original written pieces, relevant news from other channels, videos, pod casts, forums, ‘get your own news’ widgets, games and easy sharing options.

The Social News Portal is meant for the enthusiastic and information-hungry people. It’s objectives are:

  • To offer a radically simple way of accessing information on the internet.

  • To enable the sharing of knowledge on sustainability (environmental sustainability, social innovation, corporate sustainability, sustainable living).

  • To promote best practices on initiatives for sustainability.

  • To facilitate the happening of real actions from virtual conversations.


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