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Changemaker: Goitseone Thebe

Country of Implementation: Botswana

The youth of Botswana is faced with a growing problem of unemployment with the country’s unemployment rate estimated to be 22% in June 2020. Despite the youths efforts to start businesses they tend to close down within a year of operations. Goitseone Tanki Thebe decided to assemble a team of 5 young Batswana to start a non profit organization called The Leader Unleashed to help develop vital leadership skills in the youth in order for them to run sustainable businesses and employ other young Batswana. They also aim to ignite passion in the youth of Botswana for them to be protagonists of positive change in their communities by addressing the various social issues. Through both online workshops and in person workshops the youth are trained in Design thinking, financial literacy, digital literacy, public speaking, programme management, self confidence and overcoming imposter syndrome. The nonprofit also hosts a podcast to interview local activists, entrepreneurs and leaders to share their story and motivate the youth, #MystoryYourmotivation. The main beneficiaries are young people aged 15 to 30 years in Botswana. The organization works in collaboration with the different stakeholders such as other nonprofit organizations and the government to ensure maximized reach and assistance for the youth of Botswana. 


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