Changemaker: Khaliunaa Naranbayar

Country of Implementation: Mongolia

The Keep is a community-based platform to connect sustainability issues to local people’s

everyday experiences through curated interactive newsletter, close-knit community

initiatives, events, and merchandising items.

The way people connect to and receive information about sustainable development is still

conventional and fails to engage the majority of the public. The messages of sustainability

do not always have to be boring, with technical languages and barriers. In order toengage

the public (especially the youth) – which isvital to achieving the SDGs – we need to make

the messages more compelling. The messages need to be convincing enough for people to

take personal action toward accomplishing the SDGs. In a way, it can become a bridge of

connecting communities and creating a sense of belonging for a prosperous future.

Since April 2019, the prototype of sustainable newsletter has been running in Mongolia, with

a success rate of over already 3000 subscribers, 12 newsletter editions and average open

rate of 65%. Taking under the consideration of the success implementation of the local

prototype, we believe there is a potential gap to rethink the way SDG’s reach people. We

need to provide next-generation solutions and initiatives of sustainable development and

redefine the messages SDGs in a new and unconventional way to the public. In short, we

keep the messages compelling, convincing and connecting. And TheKeep is here to make

that happen.

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