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The Green Initiative

Changemaker: Yara Al Wazir

The Green Initiative aims to become a NGO in Kuwait that will create a greener environment in a petrol-dependant economy. It not only wants to ensure understanding of environmental issues but also wants to ensure the understanding of methods of prevention and reduction of this effect. The project is focused on schools and youth as they are the future of the country.

Since 2009, The Green Initiative has been raising awareness about climate change through education and innovation. By working with schools and running presentations, as well as organising fashion shows, exhibitions and photography competitions, The Green Initiative focuses on young people and showcasing their talents and passion for art and climate change, to allow everyone to see the true effects of climate change in Kuwait.

In the Future, The Green Intiative hopes to bring together young designers and artists from all over the Gulf, and showcase their work in their own respective countries. By doing this, it will nurture the talent of young people, as well as raise awareness about the effects of Climate Change.


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