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Thao - Vietnam

Thao is a person who falls in love with this world, wants it to become a worth-living place where people can help people by sharing their love and their care. Holding that core value, since high school, she has worked actively for the projects in the field of solving hunger issue and youth development. She devoted her very young days to the project Hanoi Food Rescue which helps hungers and solve food waste problem. Since a small project born in a project-running competition, HFR has been operating for 5 years and continues to go further, help more people and run by next and next generations. Now she works for TeamX, an organization operating for youth development and innovation promoting as she believes in impacts that youth can create if being impacted. By forming a community of people who dare to share ideas, dare to do, TeamX has so far made a change in a part of Vietnamese people's mindset. TeamX is growing and so is her ambitions in making a change in Vietnamese youth.


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