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Telling Your Own Story

Changemaker: Gina Romero

As the most of Latin Americans countries, Colombia’s democracy is strongly affected by corruption. Recently we had known of serious corruption scandals that have put the fight against corruption as a priority to be addressed, but most of the population, especially youth, do not understand what corruption is and how it is affecting them. This happen mainly because corruption is a social problem whose victims and heroes are not easy to recognize, this is one of the main reasons that makes involving citizens in the fight against it is difficult. This project pretends using an Internet TV channel to create at least six programs of at least half an hour of duration to sensitize youth about corruption, teach them the tools they could use to tackle the problem and visibilize corruption’s victims and heroes. The programs will have at least half an hour of duration, and will address at least the following issues: (i) What is corruption, its causes and consequences, (ii) Which are corruption victims and heroes, (iii) How tools such as the access to information and oversight activities can be used to tackle corruption, (iv) How ICT tools can be used to fight against corruption. These topics will be address thru interviews to experts, surveys, and researches. Also, in each program we will show at least one ICT tool on line (using an intelligent board) to teach the youth how to use it. With the project I want to (i) sensitize young people about the costs and damages that corruption has in their lives, (ii) train young people thru ICT in the use of concrete tools too fight against corruption, (iii) create a space when young people from all the country could discuss different topics that will help them to develop a critical thinking. We will reach directly at least 600 young Colombians.


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