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Changemaker: Rezki Achyana

Country of Implementation: Indonesia

To spread awareness about Indonesia Sign Language (Bisindo) to more people in Indonesia, Rezki Achyana

– or usually called by Kiki – the 2019 Global Changemakers from Indonesia, with his startup Parakerja, make

a project of deaf teacher's training to teach Bisindo.

One of the etiquettes of sign language teaching is that the teacher must be a Deaf individual. But right now,

the manpower of Deaf teacher in Indonesia is still lacking, that's why this project is an important one to

improve the number of skilled Deaf teachers.

The training will be conducted intensively online for 15 weeks, to train 30 Deaf teachers in 10 cities of

Indonesia. The program will be divided into three batches, five weeks each, with 10 participants. The trainers

are the sign language professionals, who work on Deaf education, sign language learning, and Deaf

empowerment. The communication during the training will be full in Indonesia Sign Language.

The curriculum of the training mostly about pedagogy, etiquettes, class management, and critical thinking

for Deaf individuals.


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