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Student Reform Initiative

Changemaker: Marvin Roberts

The Student Leadership workshop 2013 is a program designed and modified as a result of success of its pilot earlier this year. The Student Reform Initiative is a student-led project that aims to bring educational and social change to Liberia by empowering students to take charge of the requisite actions as well as adding value to education in the country. The Leadership workshop is expected to last Four (4) days in Monrovia. As a second phase project, we intend to target a larger audience so as to widen to scope of our impact. The total number of participants we anticipate is sixty (65) student leaders or students who’ve demonstrated academic prowess, leadership capabilities and a sense of community. The workshop will involve training in leadership and entrepreneurship, team building activities, identifying needs and formulating solutions etc. The experience culminates with a symposium where participants will hear motivational speeches from renowned youth activists, businessmen, politicians, across the country and also have the chance to articulate their visions for their schools. These students will then be challenged throughout the workshop to come up with SMART solutions to problems facing their schools. Up to three student groups whose ideas are SMART and feasible will receive a project grant from our organization that will enable them to implement their projects. SRI Staffs and other hired facilitators, as well as experts in relevant fields, will lead the project.


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