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Stimulus Baby Wave

Changemaker: Esnatt Gondwe

Many people become victims of their circumstances. In poverty, people begin to lose the gift of being able to dream. The circumstances become them, and the assertivness to change goes. This is true Malawi. Like many african coountries, Malawi and its people have potential, unfortunatly the people do not see this so clearly. The criptic mindsets that are embedded in the people stop them from moving foward and being assertive. Social,ecconomical and political problems build pressure on the people. Stimulus baby wave project was created by the organisation STIMULUS in Malawi, to fight these issues. The project has been running for three years, and it focuses on the pruning and nurturing of a childs’ mind, because it is an untouched gem. Children are still young enough to learn and carry the lessons into the future. Children are the hope for a better tomorrow. Every child deserves to be loved and given a chance to develope,express themselves and excel. Stimulus, provides this, through the use of art, discussion, music and dance, drama and games. It may be a small step, but its a sure clean step on the path to a better future.


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