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Step Ahead

Changemaker: Daniel Silva

Step Ahead” is a Community Action Project that objectives to tackle the youth apathy in state communities of Sergipe, Pernambuco, Minas Gerais, Ceara and respectively in the whole country.

The transforming tools to be used in this project are the own communities issues, which they have been facing, such as: sustainability, once that a huge portion of the states “Step Ahead” is going to be held in are suffering from troubles regarding to environmental preservation because they show agricultural characteristics; drugs combating, due to the relevant number of youth users; sexuality, reinforcing is a big part of society concerning to the sexual conditions of an individual; human rights, our project is implemented in poor and needy communities; violence against women, due to the often abuses, cowardice and disrespect against women; and bullying at schools, which triggers diverse conflicts enrooted in prejudices and disrespect.

This context, the Project members stimulate apathetic youth who live those problematic in their own communities to act toward the change on that reality. It is important to highlight that over combating the youth apathy, this project works in other problems which surround the society as a general.

At first, we are identifying this apathetic youth we are going to work with throughout questionnaires with questions regarding to their day by day, school environment, family approaches, and entertaining. After that step, we will identify the gravest problems faced by each community. Next, we are going to formulate action plans to change the reality on the problems.

First steps, this action plans are going to consist of raising debates, roundtables, lectures and meetings that involve the apathetic youth population identified in the previous process (the questionnaires handed out). These actions are going to enable the engagement and maintenance of those apathetic youth in social activism practices.

This way, “Step Ahead” main goals are tackling the youth apathy in four Brazil state communities, engaging 150 young people in the social activism field in their own communities and minimize problem that surround the whole society.


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