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Changemaker: ShuCao Mo

Country of Implementation: China and USA

Women contribute to half of the productive workforce in China, and yet, society only regards girl or old

lady as valid existence, giving the tag “leftover” to any woman aged 25+ and single. Furthermore, women

who have experienced sexual traumas in China are silenced, ridiculed and ostracized. The most powerful

to change this distorted perception of modern Chinese women, is to transform self-perception. By giving

voice to the voiceless, we aim to create a safe and sacred space that incubates the next generation of

creative art therapists in China. We will establish a suicide hotline targeting young women in jeopardy

and run a Sex Positive Love Summit that brings together women entrepreneurs, therapists, and students

to share their stories through poetry writing and art making. The resulted publication will instigate larger

social discourse and action, which will contribute to the healing of intergenerational traumas.


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