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Sophie - Switzerland

Sophie is half Swiss and half English. She finished her Bachelor's in law July 2016 and is currently working for a youth lead NGO in Switzerland. Over the past three years, she has been active in the youth leadership and development field, and would like to continue empowering youth as she believes it is through giving the younger generations the right tools to make a difference in the world that we can achieve the greatest things. Other fields of interest of hers include: the environment, human rights and quality education. After the summit, Sophie will be going to Peru to do a volunteer project where she will take care of children with disabilities such as down syndrome and autism alongside the teachers in a local school. As she sees herself working in the international affairs field, she is planning on volunteering in South America over the next year and understanding the local reality. In the fall of 2018, she is planning on starting her master's in international relations in the UK or Canada. All these experiences will allow her to have the necessary knowledge to make a difference in the world in the future.


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