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Smiles for Orphans

Changemaker: Alisa Hate

This CAP, which is destined to put a smile on orphans’ faces, is divided into two parts:

Firstly, there was a talent show for young and old in Elbasan City, Albania. The various participants of this show sang, danced, presented poetry or fascinated with another talent. Tickets were sold for £1 per ticket and additionally, there was a collection. The show took place on March 27 and the money brought together is destined for the ëNene Tereza’ orphanage in Elbasan.

Secondly, Smiles for Orphans will help the orphans of the ëNene Tereza’ orphanage directly. There are 24 orphans up to age six living at this orphanage and they need help. This CAP will alleviate their lives with basic supplies, such as baby milk, pampers and medication.

The local media, the head of municipality as well as several members of local NGOs support this CAP.


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