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Changemaker: Deepshikha Adhikari

In order to fight against Sexual Harassment and Eve teasing in Nepal, five friends started the campaign. It started as an online demonstration. But upon understanding the gravity of the situation, we came up with the idea of the walk-“Walk for Respect”. The “Walk for Respect” was organized on 28th of April, 2012 in Kathmandu. The response was huge, and because of this support we planned the “Poster Campaign”. This project plans to aware people of Kathmandu Valley about the existing laws against Sexual Harassment and Eve teasing. For this we will select and train around 21 high school students and youths, who will facilitate us to:

1. Stick the informative posters and stickers in public places and vehicles.

2. To aware the school students (9-10 grade) about the issue. 3-4 months after starting the campaign, we plan to do a survey.

For that we will be interviewing the commuters, drivers and the co-drivers about the impact the posters have made. We will be recording some of the interviews.


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