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Shah - Bangladesh

Shah has been active in the field of sustainable development, environmental conservation and Climate Change from his teen years. In 2013, he co-founded Footsteps Foundation, a social enterprise that implements social ventures addressing the different social problems present in today's developing societies using the Sustainble Development Goals set by the United Nations. Project Trishna is one of Footsteps' ongoing Project, which is creating free access to clean drinking water in Dhaka, Bangladesh by utilizing the platform of Corporate Social Responsibility. Since its inauguration in 2015, the project has created free access to over 2 million liters of clean drinking water. Shah is very passionate about sustainable development, which has received attention from many, even Al Gore, who trained him in summer 2013. Other than advocating change, Shah loves watching and playing different sports as well as travelling and meeting new people. Shah believes that he can use the experience and networks gained from the summit to make his projects, such as Trishna, create an impact on a global scale. He believes in being the change, and taking a step!


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