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Sedra - Syria

Sedra is studying in natural sciences field. She has been in Denmark for only seven months where she was then admitted at a Danish school and after one year, she started working as a Danish translator due to the lack of Arabic speakers in her region. She's always been interested in helping other refugees and showing them the way into Danish schools and exposing them to the Danish culture. She's newly been active in a volunteer project, as a mentor for a Syrian girl, helping her to improve her Danish language, giving her a chance, getting into a Danish high school and get more involved in her new life in Denmark. She has always kept an ambition of building a bridge between Syrian refugees in Denmark and the Danish society, therefore she looks forward to learn new skills that will make her able, to help her people, in order to engage in the Danish society and get to the right education and prepare for a better future when they hopefully can return and rebuild their country in peace.


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