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Changemaker: Shomy Hasan

Country of Implementation: Malaysia

Our GCM Shomy designed Project "Score Your Goals" which consists of a workshop on the UN

Sustainable Development Goals and Global Citizenship. It has three phases. In the first phase,

through a selection process, 10 most competent students who are passionate about

community service will be picked from each of the top 5 universities in Malaysia. A ToT

workshop will be conducted on the Global Goals and Global Citizenship for these 50 students.

In the second phase, these 5 university teams will disseminate the knowledge they gained

among the other students at their university. They will try to sensitize the students about global

citizenship and make everyone aware of individual actions in line with the SDGs. In the third

phase, at the closing ceremony, we will announce the best team and as a reward, they will be

taken to an underprivileged Orang Asli (native Malay) community to conduct an awareness

campaign on SDG3 and SDG6, getting hands-on experience in conducting a project.


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