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School of Peace

Changemaker: Cris Viray

In the Philippines, most of the award giving bodies do not focus specifically on peace. Instead, they reward outstanding youth organizations or schools that are able to implement projects on environment, community development and student welfare. Bullying is now an alarming issue in the schools in the Philippines and in some cases, effective response is not provided, so with other issues like youth delinquency and violence. As young people who want to bring positive change in our society, we want to make students and schools at large aware of and active in a peaceful school environment where students can experience a joyful and fulfilling learning condition; where they can feel secure and responsibly free. Our project will encourage young students like us to make their school a school of peace through various implementation of activities and programs within their campus. We will also give recognition to schools who became an exemplary of showing peaceful environment. We will also establish network of schools of peace in the Philippines.


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