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Changemaker: Jason Gavina

SAGE Cup is a national entrepreneurial competition for secondary school students that partner them with mentors from universities and business or civic leaders. This international program provides an outstanding arena for high school students, college students and business leaders to interact through entrepreneurship education and community service projects. SAGE emphasizes the importance of ethical business practices, social responsibility, civic engagement and environmental awareness through high-school level participation under the watchful eye of university students, business and civic leaders who will serve as their mentors and consultants.

AIMS: To promote a better understanding of financial literacy and community service for high school students via a program called “Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship” (SAGE). The high school students will be assisted by their college mentors/consultants. Working closely with their university mentors, the high school students will learn new financial literacy skills as they work on real world projects. To involve the business and civic community by recruiting business managers, executives, entrepreneurs and elected officials to participate as guest speakers, consultants and business advisers for high school SAGE teams. ACTIVITIES: Seminars on Social entrepreneurship and Business Entrepreneurship; Providing mentoring support for the teams (Marketing, Financials, etc.);Recognize outstanding SAGE teams and their projects through the SAGE national competition

Sending the winning team to the SAGE World Cup (In 2009, it was in Brazil); SAGE Philippines has been successful, both in terms of inculcating the entrepreneurial spirit among the team members and in helping them develop their ventures. Our board of judges has provided great support through their feedback to each participating team. The champion team (Sultan Kudarat Polytechinc State College Laboratory High School) has won numerous awards in the SAGE Global Competition and brought pride to our country.


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