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Sabrina is an Indonesian student who's been living in Jordan for almost all her life. She enjoys long walks, movies and travelling and believes that you could go anywhere by foot! She is currently studying Industrial Engineering and she is the vice president of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) at her university. She is a strong believer of gender equality and women's rights. Throughout her activism, she held debate sessions with their main subjects being women's rights and discrimination laws against them to raise awareness. She is also working on giving university scholarships for students who are victims of discriminating laws in Jordan. In addition, she is working alongside a team of change makers that are working on solving the problem of public sanitation and the lack of public bathrooms in the Middle East through creating an off grid energy sustainable public bathroom that will be supplied to rural areas who lack access to such facilities. She plans to create a platform for women and their families who have fallen victims of discriminating laws to connect them with valuable resources and help raise awareness of their struggles.


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