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Rural Youth Against Corruption

Changemaker: Babafemi Oyediran

Rural dwellers in Nigeria have been the most neglected and victimized in our societies which have made their livelihood status a synonym for poverty. Yet they remain victims of the huge corrupt practices of public office holders and politicians-alike. To change this, Babafemi Oyediran and his team has decided to train youths and women from selected rural communities in Niger state of Nigeria to equip, inspire, and empower them to combat corruption from their rural base and achieve a global impact. Rural Youths Against Corruption is scheduled to take place between 16-18 August 2011. This activity will entail the use of seasoned professionals to deliver 3-day training to youths and women from three (3) different neighboring rural communities in Niger state of Nigeria namely: 1). Wushishi community 2). Maito community 3). Zungeru community.

The participants will be converged daily at the central community for the workshop where a tailor made module comprising of Organization Development, Ethical Business Development and Business Improvement Courses as well as Identifying and preventing the hidden cost of corruption practices in Nigeria. They will as well be thought to Use their mobile phones to report corruption issues and service delivery failure. There reports will be made available on map and streamed online through the use of ICT. Trained participants will serve as nodal officers for the initiative in their respective communities and youth groups. While they will as well be mandated to return to their communities and replicate the knowledge acquired to their individual youth groups and family About one hundred (100) youths will be chosen from 10 rural youth groups/associations for the workshop. At the end of the project, it is expected that 10 anti-corruption and business oriented youth groups would be created in these communities. Most importantly, this project is aimed to serve as a pilot project in Nigeria using ICT as a tool to combat and eradicate corruption.


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