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Reshape Africa

Changemaker: Asante Mzungu

In her TED Talk titled “The danger of a single story,” Chimamanda Adichie describes how western media focus on telling a single sided story about Africa. As a result, this has created stereotypes about the African continent. A lot of people, in some cases even Africans, across the world are not aware of the diversity and unique opportunities that exist across Africa. Legit Africa aims to become a platform that will focus on five key areas: Entrepreneurship, technology, art, tourism and fashion. We aim to develop content regarding these five areas across the African continent. Through this, we hope to highlight the opportunities and diversity that exists across Africa. By doing this, we will be changing the African narrative and writing a different story about Africa. We have a well-experienced team of individuals dedicated to retelling Africa’s story. Our target is to reach 14 million people by December 2018.


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