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Reflejo de Vida

Changemaker: Brenda Villegas Valenzuela

Music is the reflection of life “There is not a single young in the world who doesn´t like the music, but these days is more common to listen songs about drugs, sex, money, violence, and everything for the lifestyle of today. By the importance that music means to society, we’re pretending to focus youth’s attention to look for the social wellbeing, to take form of the objective of our project we do conservation actions like conscience presentations, musical performance, music competitions, school visits and some activities to let people know that the music is not just about rhythms, it’s also about feelings and actionsLife´s Reflect first concert competition took place 21 January 2010 in Cd. Obregón, Mexico. The participants were young people aged 12-28 who were interested in conscience music; we had more than 800 people as public and 5 music groups winners.

In other actions and activities we had reached more than 1,500 young people, we gave more than 5 services to the community, we prepared more than 50 children and youth musicians and we made connection with more than 5 organizations.

Now we are working in a music production of our first album “Open your heart” which will contain 12 songs with rock, pop, indie, folklore and more rhythms. The album encourages us to see what we we have and what we are in order to do something to have a better world. “Around us, our nature, is asking for some help, remember, I can make a change… AS YOU CAN”""


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