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Recognizing Guyana-HIV/AIDS Campaign

Changemakers: Arvis Mortimer; Ashaney James; Jaevion Nelson; Maria Angelica Botero; Rebecca Ann Xavier; Trinidad Covarrubias

The Recognizing Guyana Regional Action Project was formed at the 2010 Latin America and Caribbean Youth Summit held in beautiful Brazil. This particular project is an HIV/AIDS education campaign aimed towards young people and it seeks to bring awareness to an indigenous community in Guyana where there is limited STD testing and education. The project was implemented in the Bahamas, Colombia, Guyana and Jamaica. In my country, the Bahamas, 10th grade Family Life and Health students in three public schools were targeted; this group is deemed high risk for the contraction of HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancy. At theses schools three information sessions were held over the course of three weeks and topics related to HIV/AIDS, STIs and Region 9 Guyana were discussed. On the fourth week students were expected to raise funds in aid of the indigenous Guyanese community.


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