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React & Change

Changemaker: Italo Ribeiro

React & Change is an online-driven youth-led organization committed to activating youth to combate gender inequality and its ramifications like bullying, unemployment, violence against women, youth apathy and social intolerance through entrepreneurial empowerment of youth and the use of the technologies of innovation. We have basically personalized our approaching tools in order to generate an innovative grassroot platform of young activists in Brazil involved in girls’ and women’s empowerment.

The project functions like a cell: it provides young people, both boys and girls, with opportunities to be empowered by Brazilian young leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and professors so that they can integrate themselves interregionally, identify specific problems in their regions and self-design projects to tackle such issues accordingly. Having noticed that Brazil had never had a youth summit in its democratic history, React & Change decided to take office of this role and hold the I Youth for Empowerment Forum in the country, which took place in Fortaleza, Ceara, with 40 young activists from the Northeast and Southeast of Brazil, resulting and more than 15 community action plans.R&C promoted, in March 2013, the 2nd Youth for Empowerment Forum, in the Amazon – Brazil. We got together 30 young entrepreneurs from the South and North regions of Brazil to discuss “Social Sustainability and the Technologies of Innovation”, using them as tools to promote equality and engagement.

React & Change is a World Summit Youth Award winner, recognized as one of the world’s best youth-led online-driven projects, having engaged, impacted, and mobilized +10000 young people in Brazil!


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