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Changemaker: Nandini Kochar

Country of implementation: Botswana

With an adult literacy rate of 88%, Botswana is in the top 10 most literate nations in Africa.

Though impressive at first sight, this high-standing figure raises more questions than acclaim. Do high literacy rates necessarily translate to quality education? How does one define literacy? And what does holistic and equitable education look like?

These are the questions that Ray of Hope Botswana, a youth-led registered organization in Botswana, is addressing. Founded in 2015, RoH is driven by the vision that one day every child in rural Botswana will have access to equitable, holistic, and quality education. Through innovative play-and-learn interventions, youth-led tutoring, and sustained mentorship, our organization works to propel the holistic growth of over 100 underprivileged children ranging from preschool to high school. Over 6 years, our team of 50+ student volunteers have facilitated weekly classes in English, Maths, and Life Skills, as well as initiated the building of the first-ever Day Care Center at Gamodubu, an economically disadvantaged village situated in the outskirts of Gaborone. Currently, our team is pioneering an Early Childhood Learning app, Ithute Le Nna, for some of the most disadvantaged toddlers in rural Botswana.

Ray of Hope Botswana’s work has been recognized by the Royal Commonwealth Society, TheirWorld, and Global Changemakers. For more information, follow us on Instagram


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