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Rafik- Algeria

Rafik is from Algeria. From his young ages, he felt the lack of interactivity that the educational system suffers from; no concrete applications of the theories learned. He found what he was looking for in workshops at the STEM Center. Rafik participated in the Algerian Youth Leadership Program where he visited institutions applying the Hands-on learning. A method of learning he shared with the global STEM leaders during his participation in an international robotics competition with more than 160 countries. To transmit this knowledge to Algerian youth who are living the same situation Rafik lived adding to that his willing to improve education, he founded the project "Beyond Tekhmamek" ("Beyond Your Thinking"), a set of robotics sessions for middle school students through hands-on but also teamwork and communication. After the summit, Rafik aims to widen the project in Algeria. And thanks to the global network the Global Youth Summit will provide him with, he will be able to take this project beyond Algeria. Therefore, leaving impact on a bigger scale . Thus, realizing the vision he had; A shift in the curriculum moving from a more interactive one which includes soft skills.


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