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Rabat Entrepreneurial Challenge

Changemaker: Jihad Hajjouji

Rabat Entrepreneurial challenge is a week of entrepreneurship. We, the founders of the program realized that there is a need of awareness about entrepreneurship in our community. So, we decided to share the entrepreneurship skills that we learned at African Leadership Academy with a group of twenty students from Rabat and its surroundings.

We aimed from the program to create awareness about entrepreneurship and remove this perception that most of the youth have about entrepreneurship. Indeed, most of the young Moroccans think that entrepreneurship is just for rich people who can set businesses and success. Also, we aspired to teach the participants some basics of entrepreneurship and the crucial skills that they need to succeed as future entrepreneurs. Furthermore, we aimed to create a connection between the participants as future entrepreneurs with great entrepreneurs and leaders in different domains to help them set their small projects and succeed in the future.

There were great projects that I can see their great impacts on the society ranging from community service project to big scale businesses. They participants were very creative and very proficient in terms of their project’s presentations and their chronic comments and suggestions to each other. Finally, everyone at the end of the week was ready to help us next to set our project because they really appreciate the idea and felt that it was really helpful for them.

The week was a successful experience of sharing knowledge and ideas. We actually learned from the participants as they learned from us.


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