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Project Little Lion

Changemaker: Claudia Gallego

The “Little Lion” Home-School acts directly with children and teenagers of 1 to 18 years old.

Their mission is to provide shelter, for children and adolescents who face personal or social risk, that for some reason have been deprived of their right to live within their natural family, sent through the Childhood and Youth of Sao Bernardo do Campo Protection Council.

Our CAP aims to support the 60 children who live at the shelter through learning tools such as recycling workshops, arts & crafts and music lessons. Our dedicated team has 10 people involved and committed to making a chance in this children’s lives.

We believe that by having a positive impact and providing them with certain abilities and skills they will have better chances and opportunities in their future.

The workshops are held twice a month in a great enviroment, where the children feel encouraged and free to talk and have fun together.

A Christmas party will be held on 2011, for the Little Lion kids as well as the community as a way to integrate them.

We also plan on having a Children’s Rights campaign in S„o Bernardo City using posters and leaflets to raise awareness on the important issues that are taking place in the city.


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