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Permaculture in schools

Changemaker: Pius Seda

Country of Implementation: Malawi

Zomba has witnessed a rise in deforestation over the recent years with the growing population. People are also less informed about nutrition issues. We thought about a project that could link these two issues. This project called Permaculture in Schools targets primary school learners. In order to make a difference, Greenify Global decided to implement permaculture in schools which would help in building sustainable and self-sufficient ecosystems. This is a project running from 20th April 2022 to 13th August 2022. The project is being implemented in two schools namely, Matiti Government Primary School and Grace Orphan Care and Vulnerable Support Group students. The first school is situated in a rural area, and the other in an urban area in Zomba. They are about 7.2Km apart. The project provides the participants with an opportunity to learn about permaculture by doing it. They will be trained in growing their own food with natural resources. Permaculture in Schools integrates a wide range of activities: meetings with stakeholders (parents, community leaders, volunteers, and teachers), tree-planting, composting, gardening, and open days to showcase our results. This is done to aid active participation

and collaboration.


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