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Peace of Art

Changemaker: Gilmore T. Moyo

Peace of Art is an arts conflict resolution and peace making, Community Action Project. The initiative involves 30 young artists from across Zimbabwe in particular genres, namely Theater, dance, Music, Fashion, Visual Art and Literature. As much as it was difficult to select the 30 from a numerous guild, the selection criteria included youths with both the talent and the passion for breaking barriers, using their capabilities.

With the guild, we do workshops on general issues that bring about conflicts in our day to day living. I strongly believe that for one to become a terrorist, it would have steamed from a family set up. Therefore, Peace of Art is the first initiative in Zimbabwe, that involves performance art and young people in reconciliation and healing within a nation that is still recovering from.

In most cases, the youths are shunned when it comes to reconciliation, healing, cultural exchange and inter-cultural dialogue, yet they are the very same individuals affected by the outcomes. This initiative involves youths between the ages of 13 – 25, in using the arts not only for entertainment, but to educate, inform and consciontise the public to guide against trivail issues that leads to conflicts, family disintegrations, tribalism, racism and apathy. Peace of Art aims to promote social values, respect, a culture of embracement and tolerance development.


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