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Peace Innovation Lab

Changemaker: Shrijan Amatya

Nepal’s public education system and recovery efforts are in crisis. The civil war (1996-2006) has left hundreds of thousands disenfranchised and disaffected. Many of these victims are young. Education, a potential tool for community cohesion, is falling short, with a graduation rate less than 40% and content that is poorly suited to current needs. Peace Innovation Lab is a creative space for young people in rural communities to come together to design, prototype and implement projects that contribute to local (peace-building and) grassroots community initiatives. Peace Innovation Lab’s vision is to channel the energy, enthusiasm, creativity and intellect of Nepal’s rural populace into creating useful products/projects and services that create new opportunities and address local challenges in new ways. Nepal’s inaugural Peace Innovation Lab was started in August 2012 in Sahilitar, a rural village in western Nepal. (



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