Patrick Weber - Switzerland

Patrick Weber is from Lucerne, Switzerland and is 21 years old. He studies nanoscience at the university of Basel, currently in the third year. Furthermore, he is active in the social start-up BuyAware ( which tries to establish an online-database with information about the ecological and ethical background of electronic products. The gathered information is then processed and merged in a spiderweb diagram from which consumers can immediately see where the strengths and weaknesses of specific products lie. By providing such information to the consumer, we hope to achieve a mind-shift, ultimately leading to more reflected buying decisions. So far, we have released a first prototype comprising of nine different smartphones. From the feedback we got on this prototype, we are currently improving our website and rating system which will result in a second prototype scheduled to go online in Summer 2017. Beyond BuyAware, Patrick is also active in the political think-tank foraus (Forum Aussenpolitik) and is generally interested in issues concerning sustainability.

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