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Changemaker: Nicolas Valenzuela

In RECONSTRUYE, our goal is to promote sustainable production of built environments. After the earthquake in Chile, we have brought together a wide citizen network to help develop a fair, equitable and inclusive reconstruction process.

The results of the earthquake are 3,575 dwellings with severe damage or condemned, according to township survey. It’s about old neighborhoods located in downtown, built 70 or 100 years ago.

In RECONSTRUYE we are working with local organizations on community infrastructure, to make the entire process socially sustainable, while we work with private construction companies and the public housing service to help them start generating supply: the community centers are the first step in the reconstruction of hope!

One of our projects is: PATEA. The project wants to turn the Neighborhood council headquarters of Santa Ana in Talca into a Sports and Information Center. This will be used short-term as a shelter for some of the 31,000 victims currently in the city. Incorporating a TIC node (Information and Communication Technologies) it will become later on a sports and cultural center. The node will allow the community to self-train and qualify on sports, cultural and economical aspects as well as provide a source of income for its financing in time.


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