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PANGEA Ecocamp

Changemaker: Simon Straetker

The Pangaea Ecocamp 2012 is about creating emotional bonds between serbian primary school children and nature. During a five-day ecocamp the 8th graders from the two schools ‘Kraljevacki Bataljon’ and ‘Svetozar Markovic’ are invited to Serbia’s most beautiful national park, named Tara. During one week of adventure the students will be undertaking a wide range of activities that will help them connect to the environment and spent an unforgettable time in nature. Among many other exciting actions the kids will do some rafting, treasure hunt, night-hikes and fire-bred in the evenings. Alongside all the adventurous activities there will also be several educational parts. These will entail activities such as visiting a local farm, learning about nature by a local ranger and several games in nature that will teach the kids relevant facts about the forest and its inhabitants. The one and most relevant objective of this project is to make this ecocamp as exciting and adventurous as possible – assuring that the kids will remember their nature-experience for a lifetime. Hence they can return to their schools as “ambassadors of nature” and further promote environmental awareness among their classmates and peers.


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