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Oussama - Australia

Oussama, or Ouss as his friends call him, is from Australia. He recently completed by Honors Degree in Construction Management and currently employed full time in the Construction industry. In his free time he loves working on community and grassroots efforts with the goal of empowering individuals to achieve their goals. He is very fortunate to have partaken in several projects, which use sport, arts, music, poetry as a means to connect one another. Oussama is a huge believer and advocate for sports, and its ability to empower and build character, in particular Australian Rules Football. He was able to form a mixed Muslim and Jewish Football team which would compete in multicultural round robin Tournaments together, against other cultural groups and religion. This showed the power of sport and its ability to break down stereotypes and push aside any political agendas that may rise, thus promoting a harmonious community. His ambitions beyond this summit is to continue working on grass root level to empower his community and the people around me. The motto ' Think global, act Local' drives him everyday, as he continues to work for the greater good.


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