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Orla- Lebanon

Orla is a student from Lebanon. She works for Intersos, an Italian NGO that helps Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Seeing that migrant workers in Lebanon are often mistreated and subject to racism, she has been advocating for this cause on different levels; she's a volunteer with the Anti-Racism Movement, and also part of the ILO's "My Fair Home" campaign, that aims to encourage employers to treat their migrant workers as they should be, with respect and tolerance.

Law was her major of choice because she wanted to be able to fight for the voiceless, especially the children and that is why she aspires for a career in humanitarian law.

Having been a scout for more that 10 years, Orla has always been involved in community and social work, and is working on implementing her "Hear My Story" project, that aims to help physiologically those who have lived in hardship, through creative writing.

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