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Changemaker: Nicolas Valenzuela

In 2011, Chile confronted the awakening of an entire generation. Youth people in our country started a massive social movement, mostly about education, but also against the construction of a Dam in Patagonia and about supporting the Mapuche struggle for indigenous rights. There was a peak of one million people protesting peacefully in the streets. Today, after more than 8 months of demonstrations the two most important public opinion polls in Chile shows over 70% of public support for student’s causes. Something that was special about this young social movement was the use of creativity, art, music and design to draw people’s attention to student’s demands. With the New Street Project, participants of the 2011 movement want to create and share new images and icons to celebrate youth participation, using the streets, universities and public spaces in Santiago to work as an open art gallery for young artists, designers and photographers, that will be design special posters to celebrate 2011’s stories. Internet and social media will be used to promote participation in voting processes to decide the best among the designs.


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