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Nour- Israel

Nour is a Palestinian from Israel. Nour is working on breaking stereotypes and building bridges of mutual respect and tolerance. As a student council president, she has worked on social, educational and environmental projects. Her first initiative as a young leader was launching a fundraising campaign to contribute to the cost of a surgery for a girl from Gaza strip. She is an alumna of the Kennedy Lugar Youth Exchange and Study program. Her role as a peace ambassador was to educate Americans about her cultural, political and religious background and learn about their values and norms. Nour gave many presentations, took the manager role in her leadership class blood drive campaign, and started, with a Lebanese exchange student, an Arabic club at their American high school. Along with many hours of paying it forward through volunteering with refugees, the homeless population and in local events. She got selected to attend a civic education workshop in DC, USA.

Nowadays, she’s volunteering as an instructor in a program called Sports for Life, which aims to achieve peace and mutual understanding between Arab and Jewish kids through sports. Moreover, she’s the student instructor of an international book club at her high school.

Nour is interested in International Relations. She wants to get inspired by the wonderful people of the summit, and to add to her perspectives on the various ways of which a person can contribute to the community, through brainstorming and the educational workshops. Her main goal is to start her own initiatives and make a genuinely positive change.


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