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Nisha- Nepal

Nisha studies Social Sciences. She also is a part-time worker at Ngo Creasion Nepal and has her own organization Justice Generation. She is immensely interested in the field of gender equality, youth employment and political stability formation. More than 250 students have been trained self-defense program organized by her. She with her team Hamri Bhaini had rallied against partiality in single mother's citizenship constitution and succeeded in agenda. Conducting Theme Tuesday every week and creating ideas/ sharing ideas for to retain youths in country and connecting them with agencies for financial help is her part-time work. And she with political groups/pressure groups constantly protest against political issues like corruption (Nepal is a corruption prone country). She is interested in writing political and social issues related articles in newspapers, film-making, rapping, swimming, writing movie scripts and travelling. Beyond the summit she wants to showcase world problems through visual and spoken art and wants to be a successful entrepreneur and also involved in politics.


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