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Ngosa - Zambia

With a strong grounding belief in female empowerment and sustaining the Environment, I am studying Construction Economics and Management at the Copperbelt University.

I am currently an ambassador for the Presidents Emergency Fund for AIDs Relief (PEPFAR) DREAMS initiative, an ambitious initiative that works towards the reduction of new HIV infections among young females in Zambia. In my role as DREAMS ambassador, I have for the past year as ambassador being a peer educator and mentor for young females on topics related to Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and HIV/AIDs. This is in the quest to make them informed and aware of their rights in relation to their bodies and general health.

Through my activist work, I had the amazing opportunity of taking part in the Study of the United States institutes on Women's Leadership, which led to the formation of my non-profit organization ECHO Zambia, which focuses on female leadership capacity building.

I take keen in reading to learn, politics and listening to music.


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