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Changemaker: Akinyode Kolawole Moses

Country of implementation: Nigeria

Women and girls in Ogbomosho communities in Nigeria have no adequate knowledge on menstruation hygiene, methods to cope with menstruation cramps, and they are not aware of their sexual productive health rights, to change this Moses and his team members decided to create an organization called Better Life for Women and Girls Initiative with the aim to eliminate menstruation taboo and stigma by providing capacity-building and awareness campaigns on menstruation hygiene and make them aware of their sexual reproductive health rights. The program will take place in different secondary schools, Maternity centers, and public town halls in the Oyo State in Nigeria.

The organization has educated over 3,000 women and girls on menstruation hygiene and methods to cope with menstruation cramps and shared over 2,000 sanitary pads for secondary school girls.

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