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MKENYA DAMU Initiative

Changemaker: Brian Mawaro

In 2007/2008, a series of violent protests of the outcome to the elections emerged from different parts of the country. This resulted to destruction of properties, displacement of thousands of people and loss of more than 1,000 lives. The most affected areas was the informal settlement (Slums) which hosts people from different ethnic backgrounds who lived harmoniously before the elections but turned against each other after the results were announced. These eventualities saw neighbors kill each other, torch and loot from houses and even reject and displace neighbors from particular communities. These were done by a bigger percentage of youth who were influenced by the politicians. There have been different initiatives directed towards re-uniting and promoting peace among different communities throughout the country. These have been done through media, national concerts and conferences held at selected areas therefore isolating the slum community from owning and participating directly in the initiative. ‘Mkenya Damu initiative’ the title of the project drawn from a slung meaning ‘ true Kenyans’ seek to include and involve the slum communities in peace building activities by training young talented slum youth to be peace ambassadors, spearhead dialogue between different communities living at the slums and initiate a regular peace festival to be hosted within the different slum areas. Our project will go to the grassroots using forum theatres which will open up discussions among community members from different tribes,religion and different ages.We will have a peace festival where we will be able to choose Miss Amani( Amani means Peace) who will be going to schools,houses and elders meeting together peace ambassadors that we will train together with us to dialogue and promote peace. We look forward to have a peaceful Kisumu a city that have been known of violence during and after elections.


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