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Merged in victory

Changemaker: Shane Pullen

In Zimbabwe there are not many events or where people from different social backgrounds get together bringing about separation in the youth and lack of respect of each others cultural backgrounds. To address the issue MERGED IN VICTORY was started, using theatre and dance as a tool to educate youth about self respect as well as respect for others culture and to bring unity and effect positive change among the youth

The dance themes will be educational as they will be based on the history of the people and the country to eliminate negative perceptions due to lack of personal interaction with people from several cultural and social backgrounds.

Youth will be selected from a variety of schools and will be made to engage in various training sessions and workshops, be taught choreographed dance routines that will each be separated to portray a positive message and tackle an issue in society as well as represent the history of the country, cultures and traditional dances and will be merged in a complete theatre show .

The show will be taken to schools and after this is successfully completed the shows will be held at a theatre. Seminars will be held to educate youth on their role in bringing about positive change and removing the mentality of division because of cultural differences but rather bringing a true respect for each others cultures and lay a foundation of unity and peace through dance!

The success of the project will see a change in the attitudes and opinions towards one another by them putting aside their cultural and social differences and embracing what they have in common and seeing mutual trust and understanding amongst the youth and community and youth continuing to work together .The youth and community will be more aware of the positive things going on amongst the youth and they will have a platform to showcase their history and respect each others backgrounds and cultures.


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