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Meet the Mentors II

We are well into the second cycle of our Mentorship Programme and are gearing up for cycle three which will run in 2020. The mentors in our programme are selected from within our network of Global Changemakers, people who have been trained at our events and who have a proven track record of creating positive change within their communities.

Meet the Mentors:

Anaïs Matthey-Junod

Anaïs is a social entrepreneurship enthusiast. She is mainly focusing on sustainable energy access for people affected by disasters. Her goal is to contribute to the achievement of SDG 7.

Ashaney James

Ashaney is an educator, researcher, trainer, facilitator, coach, mentor and advocate. He is the Managing Director at Ashora Management Consulting and Training and is a Red Cross Volunteer.

Brian Magwaro

Brian has vast experience working with communities focusing on empowering children, families and youth. His experience includes training life skills facilitators and designing youth programmes

Chet Lloyd G. Montoro

Chet became a Global Changemakers in 2012, then became the GCM’s Head of Learning Resources - Asia in 2014. Today, he now works full-time as an investment banker.

Dipika Badal

Dipika is 21 years old youth activist and a student of bachelor’s in forestry science. She currently serves as the President of ‘We’ for Change, a youth-led NGO in Nepal.

Eva Meyer de Stadelhofen

Eva is the founder of GirlCode, a non-profit who aims to reduce the gender gap in the STEM industry by offering to girls of age 8-17 free coding lessons, as well as a long-term mentoring program!

George Gakure

George is a Civil Engineer from Kenya. He is an activist and volunteer who is making strides to achieve several SDGs including Education, Peace, inclusive and sustainable cities.

Gerardo Cano Cárdenas

Gerardo is from Mexico and is passionate about social entrepreneurship, technology and helping communities with wildfire detection by using drones as a technological aid.

Goitseone Tanki Thebe

Goitseone is a vibrant young lady from Botswana who is very passionate about inspiring young people take up their roles as protagonists of positive change by arming them with the necessary tools.

James Okina

James is an Educator who founded Street Priests Incorporated which has impacted over 3000 Street Children. He has been recognized globally as a changemaker and inspired many across the world.

Kiranjeet Kaur

Kiran is currently a Psychology student from Malaysia. She has an immense passion in both art and mental health and is looking forward to improving the mental well-being of refugees in her country.

Kolawole Oreoluwa

Kola has about 12 years of experience in the non-profit sector with specialization in Social Behavioural

Change Communication and wider promotion awareness of SDGs He likes photography.

Mampheng Pheng Grace Molefe

Grace is a 22-year-old studying International Politics on scholarship in the Republic of China. She is passionate about bringing positive changes in her country, Lesotho.

Maureen Muketha

Maureen is an SDG 2 advocate and a passionate Nutritionist. She is a strong believer of good nutrition practices and a resilient food security system.

Maximiliano Montoya González

Maxx is a Sustainable Development Engineer and currently working as an Environmental Advisor. He is also cofounder of Zito - a start-up that turns coffee waste into opportunities for vulnerable communities.

Mutabi Mwale

Mutabi is a 22-year-old Social Work major at the University of Zambia. She is also a gender equality activist, cultural re-appropriation advocate, Feminist & the Founder of Bwami/Chimwemwe Club

Nadiya Azmy

Nadiya is z 23-year-old based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. In 2018 she co-founded The Ecocentric project that works towards inspiring the youth to come up with innovative solutions for environmental conservation.

Natasha Lipman

Natasha is a journalist and disability blogger from London.

Noura Wafeek

Noura is a dedicated passionate humanitarian worker, with 10 years’ work experience in the field of humanitarian assistance and gender equality

Rafael Jerez Moreno

Rafael is a Honduran, Lawyer and Researcher at the Association for a More Just Society (ASJ), Transparency International Chapter in Honduras. He was selected as a Global Changemaker in 2019.

Ricardo Sánchez

Rick is a Global Changemakers from 2017 working as a consultant in the oil industry and is the founder of, a program that provides educational opportunities and motivational guidance to students in Honduras.

Robson Murambiwa

Robson is a 100% certified cinephile. He is a photographer, camera person and video editor and has been in love with motion pictures and storytelling since he was young.

Roselin Dey

Roselin has 10+ years of experience and is currently working as a Senior Engagement Manager at Sattva to provide strategic advisory to high potential non-profits for scale.

Siddel Ramkissoon

Siddel, from Trinidad and Tobago, founded a youth NGO in 2010. He encourages youth involvement in decision making process, both locally & internationally. He also has a keen interest in international relations & development.

Teelotma Ghoorah

Teelotma has over ten years of experience working directly with communities in the field of women’s empowerment, voluntary and social work, youth development, civic engagement and policy making.

Victoria Chok

Victoria is part of the Global Transformation and Strategy team at PepsiCo and manages strategic plans for enterprise wide productivity initiatives. Her passion is in the food value chain and she has worked across five continents.

Yasmin Morais

Yasmin is a 21-year-old that works for Youth for Human Rights Brazil, is co-founder of RefEd, and is a state coordinator at Movimento Acredito, in Brazil.


Applications for the next cycle of our Mentorship Programme will close on 13 December 2019. For more information or to apply, click here. If you would like to receive updates about future cycles, please leave your email here.


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