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Marwan - France

Marwan has a double citizenship: French and Egyptian. He is dedicated to bringing quality education to struggling communities, as he believes it is a necessary step in helping them thrive. More to that, he is implicated in the development of soft skills on scientific and engineering campuses (at his school, for example) as a way to promote science communication and socially/politically savvy scientists and engineers. Looking around the world today, he says it is clear that we need science (or at least basic scientific literacy) to be fully taken into account in the process of policy making. At his school, Marwan is the president of the Model United Nations society and he uses it as a platform for his different goals of promoting communication skills. Apart from that, Marwan is an avid reader, a passionate teacher, a technology enthusiast and occasional musician. Beyond the summit, he is considering launching his own startup aimed at eliminating different disabilities and augmenting humans with state of the art technology, in an ethical manner.


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